Terms & Conditions -- Warranty

Terms & Conditions -- Warranty


The breeder guaranteed that the kitten is of Siberian breed and provide purchaser the documents required for registration in TICA.

The breeder guarantees that the animal has no genetic defect and no congenital disease and this warranty is valid for a period of ONE (1) year. The Guarantee for peritonitis feline infectious (PIF-FIP) is valid for is TWENTY-ONE (21) days.  If a kitten died and is diagnosed by a vet with a congenital defect during this period it will be replaced by a value equal kitten. If the buyer refuses the replacement kitten, the seller will then make a refund of 50% of the purchase price. No compensation will be assumed for medical fees by the seller.No compensation is offered for the processing fee. In case of death, an autopsy conducted by the Veterinary Hospital St-Hyacinthe is required and the cost will be assumed by the buyer. The autopsy shall clearly specify the cause of death. The animal must be clearly identified.

The cat will receive a guarantee of SEVEN (7) days after delivery for viral diseases. The cat must be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian within SEVEN (7) days to validate this guarantee (at the expense of the buyer) and notify the seller from his knowledge. In case of death, the foregoing clauses will apply (autopsy by the Veterinary Hospital of St-Hyacinthe). Proof of vaccination of other animals in the household may be required to validate the warranty and it can be canceled if they do not have their date vaccinations.

Buyer is advised that declawing is not recommended. A good education can compensate for the misuse of the kitten claws, and a place to do his claws and if the buyer wishes, the use of small protective plastic that is glued on the claws (softpaws). If the buyer still chose to remove his claws, he must assume the costs and care required if it happens to have an immediate or later complications.
The purchaser undertakes to provide all the care required kitten and not to change food during the warranty period.
Should the inability of the seller to deliver a kitten (eg accidental death), the buyer may choose another kitten or refund his deposit. In any prosecution, suit or any claim in Court, this action will take place in the judicial district of Quebec. The warranty is not transferable.


The breeder will deliver the healthy animal with its up-to-date vaccination record. The breeder will vaccinate and deworm the cat before delivery. The buyer agrees to sterilize the kitten and not to reproduce. Registration documents will be provided upon receipt of proof of sterilization from the buyer's veterinarian.