X-ray of a pregnant cat

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  • On 25/09/2015

Here is an X-ray performed on Ivoire

The poor mom! The first kitten to born was blocking the exit of others. We had to get her a surgery and finally we decided to have her sterilized for her well being. She really had a lot of contraction and very strong one. Subsequently she made a allergy to the clip and caesarean scar was infected. She therefore had to be on antibiotics and lost a lot of weight. Luckily, Irys, his sister helped her with kittens and became an adoptive mom. This is Irys who breastfeed kittens with my help with milk bottle of course. I sent Ivoire with my cousin house so that she gets as she wept when she heard his kittens. She is so well integrated that now she is attached to their new born and now lives happily there in well-deserved retirement.

The good news is that we have saved all the other little kittens.

Here is the X-Ray, Guess how many kittens were there ? Have a good countdown!

xray ivoire pregnant

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