Special procedure due to COVID-19

Here are some details about the kittens leaving for their new family:

Normally we like to take the time to explain everything face to face with the families who come to pick up their kittens, however, due to COVID-19, we have to put in place a special procedure for kitten departures until the end of the the pandemic. We have taken every precaution to isolate ourselves and our animals since the start of this crisis so do not be afraid of catching it from home it would be practically impossible, On the other hand as we do not know the history of each of our customers, we will follow this special procedure to protect our families and all of our customers.

Here is the procedure to follow for the departure of your kitten to reduce the risk of contamination with COVID-19.

1- To pick up your kitten, go to the following address: 32 Rang Sainte-Marie-Anne, Saint-Raphael QC G0R4C0
2- Please take note that we do not accept checks on departure of the kitten. So, the best way is to pay in cash. Otherwise it is also possible to pay by PayPal and credit card as for the deposit. In this case you will tell me, and I will send you a link for payment. (admin fee of 2.9% charged by Paypal when using paypal or credit card)
3- When you arrive, park in front of our entrance and call us at 418-265-8390.
4- Stay in the car until I get out
5- We will take your kitten outside which will be in a transport bag as well as the starter kit to put it outside
6- Once we leave for the house, you can get out of the car (respecting the minimum distance 2m) and take your kitten (including the transport bag) and starter kit and go back to your car.
Usually we take the time to explain everything in detail and answer the questions but for this procedure we will have prepared some instructions which can be read on our website (link of the special procedure) which will answer the most frequent questions. so if you have any other questions, you can call me at 418-265-8390 and I will of course always be available to answer you. If the same question comes back often to us. will update the instructions on our website. Look again at link before you arrive we may have updated

If you have any questions or comments by then call me at 418-265-8390 Of course, we reserve the right to modify this procedure if we see that we can do better, in which case we will update it on our website.

General instruction for your kitten

Congratulations for your new kitten.

Before your kitten arrives, prepare a quiet spot for him with his bowl of water and bowl of food and litter.

Choose a litter box without a door for the first few days and a litter free of scent and dust.

Place the box in a quiet place where the kitten feels comfortable and safe.

When you get home, place him directly in his litter box so he knows where it is.

Leave the kitten at its own pace to pick it up, this is a big change for him, if he wants to leave your arms let it do it.

It is important not to change the kitten's food or give it anything else to avoid diarrhea.

The kitten eats Royal Canin Veterinary Development's food and canned food of same brand.

We give kibble as long as he is growing and he is not overweight.

We also give the Veterinarian's Royal Canine Development Can 2 to 3 times a day to provide extra water.

Your kitten received her dewormer from 3 weeks old. It is important not to play too much with the kitten the first few days to avoid a drop in sugar as the home change causes a lot of stress and therefore a great demand for energy.

Respect his need to sleep, he's a baby, he needs it. If you have other animals, wait until they are comfortable with you and their new location before introducing them.

Petidco microchip

Your kitten is microchipped on the other hand, it is useless if the microchip is not entered in an official database. If ever your cat is lost the veterinarian and shelter consult these databases to find the owner of the animal.

It is important to register your kitten in this database on the following link:

PETIDCO database


go to the following section on the PETIDCO website:


Complete each request information field and follow the steps to complete the process of registering your microchip. You received with your starter kit a 15 digit number with a bar code, this is the microchip number. If ever you move, do not forget to change the address of the microchip information in the database.

Petidco microchip

Here is the procedure for making a change of owner for the registration of your microchip:


Sent an email to EIDAP at the following address:


and put me in copy so that I confirm the transfer: siberien-quebec@outlook.com


Here is an example of a message that you can send to them in English / French :.

do not forget to copy the message to us so that we can confirm the transfer: siberien-quebec@hotmail.com


Subject: Transfer ownership / change of owner



I have purchased a Siberian Cat from a breeder (Siberien Quebec) and I would like to have the microchip information updated by the following:


Microchip no :
Owner name:
Address :
City :
Country :
Postal Code:
Primary Phone number:
Alternate phone 1 :
Alternate phone 2 :
Email Address:
Name of the animal :

Food and Treat

Here is the food and treat we give to our kittens.

Up to 4 months

after 4 months



We recommend choosing a litter free of dust and perfume. At the beginning, do not install a door and a dome on the litter box and install them once your cat is familiar with the location of his litter box.

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